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About Fab

If you’ve never met him, here’s what to get a little idea of the character. Fab is passionate about his job and a lot of other things.

Know him

"Be yourself, the others are already taken." [Oscar Wilde]

Honest, sincere, straight forward (very), perfectionist.

Scatterbrained, (too) perfectionist, (too) straightforward.

Madonna, Depeche Mode, Lisa Gerrard, Kylie Minogue, Sia, Calvin Harris, Grace Jones, London Grammar, Mylene Farmer.

Yellow, red, blue, mottled grey.

Bird of paradise.

Smiling people, gratefulness, life, sunshine, Greece, the Thai kitchen, his friends, sneakers, horror movies and thrillers, cartoons, Thierry Mugler, Jean-Paul Gaultier, David Lachapelle, Steven Klein and Madonna for ever!

When someone doesn't react to a "hello" or "goodbye", people who are not able to say "thank you", people who are late, people who are negative or pretentious, drama-queen, quirky persons, african statutes, lack of hygiene, "dikke nek" (a "pretentious" person as called in Brussels), racist persons, mushrooms, cheese.



Today Fabian has 28 years of experience as a hairstylist.

Fabian comes from the ardennes. At the beginning his parents did not agree with his choice of becoming a hairdresser as it was not considered as a « man » work.

But Fabian stood up and started his way towards hairdressing in the famous salon of Rochefort called Autre Chose in which he worked purely for fun during his leisure time.

Then with a lot of craving and ambition like Ken he joined the luxury group Jacques Dessange to do the maximum and always with the strong willingness to see as many new techniques as possible and to explore new horizons.

After that period, Fabian owned his own salon in Tellin in the Ardennes. His business was a great and increasing success for four years with clients coming from all the regions of Belgium.

This was followed by a key calling into question and the need for going still further. After many projects, he travelled to London to keep improving hairstyling via internships in very famous places such as trevor sorbie, children of vision.

Fabian also worked for the English television. Back in belgium, he became a trainer for another big hairdressing chain and afterwards he held the position of studio hairstylist for the television (RTBF, RTL), various magazines and events.

And last but not least, after having worked for 11 years for a well-known salon from Anvers also located in Brussels, he decided to become the actor of his own dreams by acting in the location and in complicity with Ken (who has also been one of his best friends since at least 1802!!!)